Q. Why does my automatic door keep opening?

The sensors on an automatic door are responsible for detecting motion and triggering the opening and closing mechanisms. If these sensors malfunction, they may detect motion when there is none, causing the door to open and close repeatedly.


Q. What do I do if my automatic door won’t close?

Check the toggle switch on the operator and ensure it is not on the “hold open” setting.

Check the sensor.

Check/clean the door’s track of dirt & debris.

If the issue persists, please call 905-458-1332 or email


Q. How do you reset an automatic door opener?

You can reset your automatic door opener by resetting the control panel. Turn off the power for 20 seconds and then turn it back on.


Q. Can automatic doors be opened manually?

In the event of power failure or an emergency, automatic doors can function manually. Swing doors have a spring that will allow the door to open and close as normal.


Q. What is the difference between power-assisted door and automatic door?

Power-assisted doors require a person to begin to open the door before the opener engages.

Fully automatic door openers will open when a person approaches.


Q. Are there different types of automatic door operators?

There are several types of automatic door operators: Sliding Door, Swing Door, Folding Doors, Telescopic Doors and Revolving Doors. We service all types of automatic door operators.


Q. How long do automatic doors last?

The better they are taken care of through regular preventative maintenance and servicing, the longer they last. Door operators can last 20 or more years.


Q. How often should automatic doors be serviced?

It is recommended that your automatic doors are inspected by a professional every 6 months.


Q. How to maintain automatic sliding doors?

Cleanliness is key! Keep your tracks clear of dust, dirt & debris.

Have Canadian Door Automation lubricate all friction systems i.e., rollers/wheels.


Q. Is an automatic sliding door system energy-efficient?

Yes, automatic sliding doors are more energy-efficient than swing doors, they allow less outside air into the building and save more energy than is required to operate them.


Q. How do you troubleshoot an automatic sliding door?

Check the power, reset if necessary.

Check the sensors.

Ensure the track is clear.

Lubricate friction systems.

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Q. How can I identify if my automatic door needs repair?

You should contact a professional for automatic door servicing if you experience the following:

– The automatic door response time is slow to open or close.

– If you notice new or unnecessary movements.

– If there is an audible noise

– Visible damage

– Leaking oil or smoke coming from the operator.